SORRY ALL 4's & 2.5" SOLD
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                      Example of the Deals That Were Available
                                            During the Last Month

How about approximately 44,000 to 46,000 Kentia
palms in 10" pots, 5 plants per pot at 3.5' - 5'+ tall for

$3.25 each
 (See Picture Below on the Left)

Here's the Deal:

We are offering approximately 240,000 Kentia palms in 4"
clay pots.  They are 3.5' to 5'+ tall. When potted together
in a 10" pot with 5ppp, you have a palm that wholesales for $25 to $40.

The Catch:

                 You have to take all 240,000+/- at $ .60 each.

                               You have to repot them.


Option 1:
                             Estimate 45,000+  10" Kentias.
                               Sell them for $15 each.
      You have a gross profit of approximately $ 500,000.

Option 2:

                          Hold these plants for a year.
      As new fronds open they grow about a foot in height.
                          Sell them below market at $30.
                       Gross profit exceeds $ 1,250,000.

Option 3:

                       Hold back a certain percentage each year.
        Become the largest producer of Kentia palms in the U.S
    No waiting the 5-6 years necessary to produce a saleable  plant.


* A finders fee paid for bringing in an offer that is accepted.

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